Committees shall be permanent working groups that oversee the core operational functions of the Classis.  The following are designated as committees: Congregational Care, Finance, Pastoral Care, Overtures and Judicial Business, Specialized Minister, and Student Care.

Executive Committee (Contact- Rev. Ben Bruins, Rob Teitsma,  stated clerk)

Congregational Care Committee (Contact-Rev. Dr. Mara Norden)

The Church Revitalization Team shall provide a means for congregations and pastors to constructively discuss and attempt to resolve conflict or navigate through crisis using a healthy communication process.  This team also offers Conflict Redemption guidance.

Finance Committee (Contact – Tim Elzinga)

The Finance Committee shall receive requests for funding, and prepare an annual budget for the Classis, and attend all other Classis financial matters as assigned.

Overtures and Judicial Business Committee (Contact Rev. Steve Pierce)

To review proposed changes to the BCO and recommend to Classis any action to be taken.

Pastoral Care Committee (Contact – Rev. Lou Lotz)

The Pastoral Care Committee shall be responsible for the supervision and care of Minister of Word and Sacrament and for the oversight of pastoral relationships, to the end that good will and cooperation in the congregations of Classis will increase their effectiveness in the cause of Christ’s Church.  This relationship includes the reception, tenure, and exit from the ministry setting to which that minister is installed.

Specialized Ministry Care Committee (Contact – Rev. Cheryl Molhoek)

The Specialized Ministry Committee shall be responsible for the supervision and care of Specialized Ministers.  Classis recognizes and celebrates the role of specialized ministers in their capacities of extending the work of the gospel into the world.  Classis will encourage them in their chosen vocations, provide a means for spiritual nurturing through the Specialized Ministry Committee, and be accountable to the specialized minister in meeting these obligations.  Classis will help facilitate opportunities for specialized ministers to use their gifts in parish settings (e.g., pulpit supply, pastoral care, and administration of the sacraments).

Student Care Committee (Contact – Rev. James Earley)

The Student Care Committee shall have oversight of all students coming under the care and keeping of the Classis.

Ad-Hoc Commissioned Pastor Care (Contact- Rev. Tom Woudstra)

The Commissioned Pastor Team shall have oversight of all candidates for Commissioned Pastor coming under the care and keeping of the Classis.