Living Together with Difference Around Human Sexuality Policy 2023

The Classis of North Grand Rapids’ ministers, elders, and congregations sincerely hold divergent scriptural interpretations regarding human sexuality. We accept our divergent interpretations of scripture as genuine attempts to follow the Spirit of God obediently. We find our unity through our adoption by God in Christ and not through uniform belief. In our baptisms, God brings us into covenant with God and one another. Our theological and ethical differences are important, but they do not undo our adoption into God’s covenantal family.

We commit to respecting classis members who hold different scriptural interpretations regarding human sexuality. We commit to respecting the work of ministers and consistories as they exercise local pastoral authority in decisions regarding marriage and congregational leadership.

As a classis, we submit to one another in humility and love. We trust that the Spirit will help us, correct us, and lead us according to God’s will. We will continue listening to the Spirit together, always calling one another back to scripture and to the vows of baptism and ordination.