About Us

  • Who are we?

    The North Grand Rapids Classis represents 16 organized congregations, church starts, affiliated ministries and many ordained ministers related to the Reformed Church in America. Geographically, the bulk of our churches are gathered on the “northern” half of greater Grand Rapids, but we also extend to  Flint.

  • What is Classis?

    The literal meaning is “fleet of ships.” The Reformed Church in America has its roots in the Dutch Reformed Church with its general Presbyterian polity of connected congregations working together for the greater work of the gospel (think New Amsterdam of 1628).

  • Join Us

    You are warmly invited to join one of our worshiping bodies as we celebrate our risen savior and participate in God’s active transformation of the world. If you have questions about our ministry or mission, please feel to contact our president, Rev. Ben Bruins.