Student Application

Coming Under Care of the Classis (Form I)


Please use this form to begin the process of coming under care.

Accordingly, applicants need to be members of the congregation to which the application process begins.  If not, the first step would be to contact the Board of Elders regarding membership.

After completion of Form I, please bring to the congregation’s Consistory.  Form II is for the Consistory to complete and is the next step in the discernment process.  Both forms (I and II) need to be turned into the Student Care Team of Classis.

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Electronic form:  Click here to Come Under the Care of Classis (complete electronically)

Consistory’s Application to Classis (Form II)


Consistory clerks, please send both forms to the Classis Student Care Team (contact the stated clerk or president if needed).  Both forms are needed.

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