Church Reopening Resources – Post Covid-19

The Executive Committee’s position on church reopening is this: Every congregation, following Federal, State, and local guidelines will determine when and how to reopen for worship and other functions.  This is because there are many different sizes of congregations and physical facility designs and like much during this pandemic one size doesn’t fit all.

The following resources are provided for review and consideration.  These resources were provided by RCA sources.  None of these documents should be considered to be mandatory directives of the RCA and Classis of North Grand Rapids.  Use them at your own discretion.

Guidelines-for-Resuming-Gathered-WorshipFamily Research Council

Amplio – Reopening Brainstorming Intro (2020 May 4th)

04-27-20 Planning to Relaunch Public Gatherings_ (003)

Smart Church Solutions Checklist